An exciting new talent competition is coming to the airwaves, internet, and a community theatre new you!

The Five Star  Talent Contest, presented by Ozarks Dynacom, is designed to encourage the region’s top talent to let their light shine and invite area residents and visitors to discover the amazing talent of the Ozarks.


Our region of the Ozarks is overflowing with talent.

Amazing vocalists, dancers, comics and musicians appear regularly on stages, at events, in theaters, restaurants, bars and festivals throughout the Ozarks. There is also incredible talent that isn’t very well-known. There are up-and-comers and less experienced performers who are dedicated and working hard on their skills. They might be young, or they might have had to put their talent on the back-burner, or simply decided that their special gifts and talents were going to be a hobby, instead of a career.

Ozarks DynaCom is a family of five area radio stations that reach across Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas to an audience of over 200,000 listeners. In Branson, Missouri: 98.1 (, 106.3 (KRZK), 100.1 (KOMC) and in Harrison, Arkansas: 102.9 (New Country), 94.9 (KHOZ).

These stations have all teamed up with the Branson Regional Arts Council and the Ozarks Arts Council to give striving performers, the unknown and the inexperienced their moment in the spotlight.

The Ozarks DynaCom FiveStar Talent Contest is the perfect opportunity to dust off the cobwebs, fine tune performance skills, or test new material on a real audience.

“Together with our listeners, online fans, and social media friends, we might even discover the next entertainment sensation of the Ozarks, or beyond!”
– Steve Willoughby, General Manager – Ozarks Dynacom

Video: Ozarks Dynacom General Manager – Steve Willoughby

“We are proud to be partners with the Branson Regional Arts Council and Ozark Arts Council in Harrison, Arkansas who will be lending their expertise and facilities for the semi-final competitions. Live show ticket sales will benefit these wonderful organizations who do so much to support the entertainment arts in our region.”
– Steve Willoughby, General Manager – Ozarks Dynacom


Ozarks DynaCom FiveStar Talent Contest is being implemented in collaboration with the Branson Regional Arts
Council and Ozark Arts Council in Harrison, Arkansas, along with our contest sponsors Connell Insurance and North Arkansas College.

There is no cost to enter, and everyone (from anywhere in the country) is welcome to participate. Contestants less than 18-years old will need a legal guardian’s permission.


Contestants may enter once, in each category of talent: Music, Comedy, Dance/Acrobat, Magic, Variety.

Video file or YouTube link submissions should be no more than 90 seconds in length, and uploaded via the official contest website at


Everyone in the Ozarks is encouraged to vote online for their favorite talent and a distinguished panel of judges will be on hand at the live, semifinal shows in Branson, MO and Harrison, AR to determine the final selections to move on to the final competition.

The Arts Councils’ will receive all ticket proceeds from the live, Semi-Final Shows held at the Historic Owen Theatre [buy Branson tickets] and Historic Lyric Theatre [buy Harrison tickets] respectively, and also share in the proceeds of the Final Championship Show.

A live Finals Championship show is planned for mid-November at a time and location still to be determined.

Show details and winner prizes will be announced as those items are confirmed.


  • Online Entries: August 16 – September 12, 2021
  • Online Voting: September 17 – October 10, 2021
  • Live Semi-Final Shows: November 5th (Branson) and 6th (Harrison), 2021
  • Live Final Championship Show: Mid November 2021

Thanks to the Ozarks Dynacom family of radio stations who are promoting this competition…

The Branson Regional Arts Council is seeking new talent for the 2021-2022 Staccato Show Choir.

Do you love to sing and dance? Perform live concerts and public events? Want to travel? Then this is the place for you!

We are looking for at least 20 singers and dancers between the ages of 12-18 to represent the Branson Regional Arts Council for their 2021-2022 performance and competition season.

Staccato is an advanced show choir focusing on many different styles of music (Pop, Musical Theatre, Classical, Jazz..etc) under the direction of Jacob Estes and Delyla Uebel.

Please note this is an advanced level, fast paced group. During our season we will learn a full 20-30 minute competition set, as well as several other songs for concerts and events. We also have opportunities during the year for solo pieces, and small ensemble numbers. We desire committed individuals who will work hard.

Staccato Audition Information:
Video auditions are requested for the first singing round, then if you pass, you will be called to a live dance audition at the Historic Owens Theatre.

  • Submission songs must be no longer than 90 seconds.
  • Please no a cappella singing
  • Sing a song in one of the following styles (Pop, Musical Theatre, Classical, Jazz)
  • In the video, please say your full name and age
  • Audition submission deadline is Friday, July 23, 2021

The easiest way to submit your video auditions is to upload it to YouTube, set the video to unlisted, then email the link to BRAC.

[fac_icon icon=”star”] Please send all video submissions to no later than July 30, 2021.

Annual Tuition
There is an annual tuition ($405 per student) that assists BRAC in our educational instructor, sheet music, music licensing, and other expenses throughout the season. Selected students will be presented with complete details and scholarship opportunities may be available for qualified students.

Enjoy some videos of our past Staccato performances…

Additional Information
Staccato Show Choir is an energetic advanced musical group intended to combine challenging music repertoire with entertaining choreography. The choir will focus on elevating and applying its formal training into lively, breath taking “show” style performances.

Students will study advanced music theory, vocal warm up, stage:etiquette, presence & showmanship and multi-part choral music. The directoral leadership will be both demanding & rewarding. The time at rehearsal will be run in a serious “conservatory master class” style meaning from the moment the students enter the theater until they leave the theater… training is in process.

The directors will lead incredibly intensive rehearsals that will result in mind-blowing results and outstanding performances. Students chosen to participate in this choir will gain invaluable vocal training, meaningful friendships and treasured memories for a lifetime.

Participation in the choir is at the sole discretion of the directors.

Show Choir Performances typically include: Fall Concert, Winter Showcase & Spring Concert. Additional community performances may be added throughout the year.
Formal coordinated hair/make up styles & attire will be required for performances.

Show Choir members will be invited on an optional year-end performing trip opportunity that will be an additional cost above the annual tuition. Fundraising will be available. More details will be provided in August.

Peter Pan Jr at the Historic Owen Theatre in Branson

Peter Pan Jr at the Historic Owen Theatre in Branson

The Branson Regional Arts Council is excited to announce that it is finally presenting it’s BRAC Summer Youth Theatre Institute production of Peter Pan Jr., after being postponed for more than a year due to the pandemic. Fifty-six dedicated cast members between the ages of 6 and 18 are participating in the 2021 Institute and have been rehearsing since June 28th with the BRAC educational staff of directors, choreographers and instructors. The large group of actors has been divided into two casts, and will present a total of six performances at the Historic Owen Theatre from Thursday, July 15th through Sunday the 18th. Reserved seats are on sale now at or by calling the box office at 417-336-4255.


Based on J.M. Barrie’s classic tale and featuring an unforgettable score by Morris “Moose” Charlap and Jule Styne with lyrics by Carolyn Leigh and Betty Comden and Adolph Green, Peter Pan is one of the most beloved and frequently performed family favorites of all time. This high-flying Tony Award-winning musical has been performed around the world and delighted audiences for 60 years and is now adapted for young performers in this Branson Regional Arts Council production at the Historic Owen Theatre.

The BRAC production of Peter Pan Jr is directed by Jacob Deck and Jacob Estes. The production team includes: Karie Dykeman, Kim Hale and Lisa Murphy (Producers), Jacob Deck (Choreographer), Delyla Uebel (Music Director), Phyllis Pasley (Assistant Music Director),  Somer Dean (Education Specialist), Kristine Brown, Pamela Meadows, Corbin Rich, Tiffany Rich, MJ Szumowski, and Molly Zettel (Education Assistants), Pamela Meadows (Lighting Director), Mac Hill (Technical Director) and BRAC Executive Director Jim Barber (Marketing and Design).

In the story, Peter and his mischievous fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell, visit the nursery of the Darling children late one night and, with a sprinkle of pixie dust, begin a magical journey across the stars that none of them will ever forget. In the adventure of a lifetime, the travelers come face to face with a ticking crocodile, the fierce Brave Girls, a band of bungling pirates and, of course, the villainous Captain Hook.

Featuring the iconic songs, “I’m Flying,” “I’ve Gotta Crow,” “I Won’t Grow Up” and “Never Never Land,” and a rousing book full of magic, warmth and adventure, Peter Pan JR. is the perfect show for the child in all of us… who dreamed of soaring high and never growing up.

The 56 young cast members of Peter Pan Jr. include: Abby Wheeler (Peter Pan ),  Sophie Douglas (Wendy),  Jack Brown (John – Cast 1), Indy Griffith (John – Cast 2), Zoey Viola (Michael – Cast 1), Lee Brown  (Michael – Cast 2), Molly McNeill (Liza – Cast 1), Georgia Griffith (Liza – Cast 2), Roxas Pace (Nana – Cast 1), Emma Chandler (Nana – Cast 2), Maddison Moore (Mrs. Darling), Pace Gillman (Mr. Darling), Renee Elkady (Captain Hook), Olivia Buttram (Smee – Cast 1), Emily Rivere (Smee – Cast 2), Ava Belin (Tiger Lily), Tayton Boyd (Crocodile – Cast 1), Korey Brown (Crocodile – Cast 2), Jael Frost (Nibs – Lost Boys – Cast 1), Mercy Griffith (Nibs – Lost Boys – Cast 2), Caleb Spurling (Slightly – Lost Boys – Cast 1), Duncan Brown (Slightly – Lost Boys – Cast 2), Millie Stauffer (Curley – Lost Boys – Cast 1), Sylvie Barbour (Curley – Lost Boys – Cast 2), Judson Coffman (Twin #1 – Lost Boys), James Coffman (Twin #2 – Lost Boys), Elizabeth Bohner (Tootles – Lost Boys – Cast 1), Piper Brown (Tootles – Lost Boys – Cast 2), Roman Serfaty (Ensemble – Lost Boys), Seth Bounds (Ensemble – Lost Boys – Cast 1), Henry Osban (Noodler – Pirates), Mcartney Young (Jukes – Pirates), Brennan Bilberry (Starkey – Pirates), Selah Osban (Cecco – Pirates), Truly Rich (Ensemble – Pirates), Lexi Keaton (Ensemble – Pirates), Spencer Coffman (Ensemble – Pirates), Owen Harsh (Ensemble – Pirates), Remy Ziegelbauer (Ensemble – Pirates – Cast 1), Myles Mitchell (Ensemble – Pirates – Cast 2), Lindan Seaman (Ensemble – Pirates – Cast 2), Kate Sutherland (Small Brave Girl – Cast 1), Charlee Mitchell (Small Brave Girl – Cast 2), Ashley Rodgers (Brave Girl #1 – Cast 1- Ensemble – Cast 2), Kylee Chandler (Brave Girl #1 – Cast 2- Ensemble – Cast 1), Bekah Williams (Brave Girl #2 – Cast 1 – Ensemble – Cast 2), Vivian Redington (Brave Girl #2 – Cast 2- Ensemble – Cast 1), Hallie Groff (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys), Gianna Daniels (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys – Cast 1), Lundyn Mitchell (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys – Cast 2), Lexi Spinning (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys – Cast 1), Addy Williams (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys – Cast 2), Jemma Braica (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys – Cast 1), Abigail Ray (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys – Cast 2), Shamarah Bounds (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys – Cast 1), Sofe Bounds (Ensemble – Brave Girls/Boys – Cast 1).

The Branson Regional Arts Council is extremely proud of the hard work by the dedicated students and faculty of the BRAC Conservatory of the Performing Arts which has provided youth education opportunities in music, theatre, vocal studies, acting, and the visual arts since 2018 at the Historic Owen Theatre in downtown Branson.

2020 was an especially difficult year due to the pandemic, and our 2020-2021 Staccato Show Choir students had to audition and perform in extremely challenging conditions that included online video sessions from home, outdoor practices, and socially distanced rehearsal sessions while wearing face masks much of the time.

We decided to present our 2021 Spring Concert as a virtual performance by recording group and solo segments (without an audience) on the stage of the Historic Owen Theatre, then presenting it online as a digital video for all to enjoy at their leisure.

Staccato Show Choir is an energetic advanced musical group that combines a challenging music repertoire with entertaining choreography. Under the direction of Jacob Estes, the choir focuses on elevating and applying its formal training into lively, breath taking “show” style performances. Students study advanced music theory, vocal warm up, stage etiquette, presence and showmanship, as well as multi-part choral music with vocal director Delyla Uebel.

“What a year it has been! I couldn’t be prouder of each and every one of my students for going on this journey with me. After all the challenges of the pandemic, I’m so grateful we were able to still keep the arts alive!” – Jacob Estes, Staccato Director

Branson-Springfield area youth ages 12-18 who are interested in participating in the 2021-2022 cast of Staccato Show Choir are encouraged to contact BRAC at or 417-336-4255.

And now… please enjoy the many talented students who are Staccato Show Choir!


  • STACCATO (Baby One More Time)
  • JORDAN KENDRICK with accompanist DELYLA UEBEL (Think Of Me)
  • THOMAS FERGUSON (Corner Of The Sky)
  • ASHLEY RODGERS (All That Jazz – dance)
  • CARTER HENDRICKSON (Never Ever Getting Rid Of Me)
  • STACCATO (Feel It Still)
  • ABBY WHEELER (Hopelessly Devoted To You)
  • LIYA RIVERE & THOMAS FERGUSON (First Date/Last Night)
  • RENEE ELKADY (What Baking Can Do)
  • STACCATO (When The Party’s Over)
  • MEGAN ROGERS (Imagine – dance)
  • PACE GILLMAN (A Million Dreams)
  • STACCATO (Happy Days Are Here Again)
  • SOPHIE DOUGLAS (Wondering)
  • SEANNA BOUNDS (She Used To Be Mine)
  • LIYA RIVERE (My Man)
  • RENEE ELKADY (Once Upon A Time)
  • JORDAN KENDRICK (In My Dreams)
  • STACCATO w/ Delyla Uebel (Rainbow – live audience)

Audition Submissions for the Branson Arts Council’s 2021 Staccato Youth Show Choir are now underway. 

The Branson Regional Arts Council’s Youth Conservatory Program is seeking male and female performers to fill out our current cast of Staccato Show Choir members.

Interested students between the ages of 12-18 are invited to submit a digital video clip singing a song with music playing in the background. 1-3 minutes in length would be fine. Please introduce your self on the video, and say the name of the song you will be singing. 

Send an email that includes your contact information and audition video link (example: youtube, or google drive files) to Videos sent as file attachments should be emailed to

Tuition and schedule information will be provided if student is accepted for the program. Scholarships may be available to residents of Branson, but any students in the region are invited to audition.

Staccato Show Choir is an energetic advanced musical group that combines a challenging music repertoire with entertaining choreography. Under the direction of Jacob Estes, the choir focuses on elevating and applying its formal training into lively, breath taking “show” style performances. In 2020, students met both outdoors and inside the Historic Owen Theatre to study advanced music theory, vocal warm up, stage etiquette, presence and showmanship, as well as multi-part choral music with vocal director Delyla Uebel.


Merry Christmas from everyone at the Branson Regional Arts Council. We hope you enjoy this virtual online version of our 3rd Annual Holiday Showcase Concert starring Staccato Show Choir as recorded in the Historic Owen Theatre in downtown Branson, Missouri. Hosted by Jim Barber, BRAC Executive Director. Running time: 45 minutes.



Staccato Show Choir is an energetic advanced musical group that combines a challenging music repertoire with entertaining choreography. Under the direction of Jacob Estes, the choir focuses on elevating and applying its formal training into lively, breath taking “show” style performances. This year, students met both outdoors and inside the Historic Owen Theatre to study advanced music theory, vocal warm up, stage etiquette, presence and showmanship, as well as multi-part choral music with vocal director Delyla Uebel.


Support the BRAC Youth Education Fund by attending and donating to our 3rd Annual Holiday Showcase!

Enjoy this special, one-of-a-kind Christmas Concert to raise funds for the Branson Regional Arts Council’s Youth Education Fund.

UPDATE: This concert will be recorded live and available for online viewing to all registered donors!

For the safety of our patrons, students and staff, we have decided not to have an audience inside the theatre for this event. All registered guests will be sent a link for online viewing at any time during the Christmas season.

The concert will be recorded live on Thursday, December 17th at 7pm at the Historic Owen Theatre in downtown Branson, then made available for online viewing to all registered donors a couple of days later. All virtual seats are a minimum donation of $10 with proceeds benefiting the BRAC Youth Education Fund, which provides performing opportunities for area youth between the ages of 8 and 18.


Staccato Show Choir is an energetic advanced musical group that combines a challenging music repertoire with entertaining choreography. Under the direction of Jacob Estes, the choir focuses on elevating and applying its formal training into lively, breath taking “show” style performances. This year, students met both outdoors and inside the Historic Owen Theatre to study advanced music theory, vocal warm up, stage etiquette, presence and showmanship, as well as multi-part choral music with vocal director Delyla Uebel.

Please reserve your seat(s) in advance online at

Enjoy this sample Staccato performance video to get you in the mood for our 3rd Annual Holiday Showcase!

The Branson Regional Arts Council is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization and provides a wide variety of artistic events and theatrical programs for all residents in the Ozarks. Financial support for many of these programs is provided by the Missouri Arts Council, the City of Branson, and through the generous contributions of private donors and Arts Council members.

Branson area youth ages 6-18 have an exciting opportunity to participate in the Branson Regional Arts Council’s Youth Summer Institute production of Peter Pan Jr.

Tuition for the three week summer musical theatre camp is normally $135 per student. Register at


Early Bird Registration Bonus…
[fac_icon icon=”star”] BRAC is offering an early-bird discounted rate of $120 for those who register by December 28, 2020.

[fac_icon icon=”star”] Register before Dec 12th and receive access to (2) 1-hour online Peter Pan Workshops (Dec 12th & 19th – 11am-12pm) where participants will have fun getting to know their castmates and BRAC education staff through fun games, songs and more! Links to these chaperoned zoom video parties will be provided upon completion of registration.

Tuition Scholarships Available For Branson Residents…
[fac_icon icon=”star”] Through special arrangement with the City of Branson, BRAC is offering FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS for youth who reside within the 65616 Branson zip code. You must contact the BRAC Education Department at 417-336-4255 or to participate in the scholarship program.

Register your child (ages 6-18) to experience the Branson Regional Arts Council’s outdoor summer theatre camp at Chad A Fuqua Memorial Park in Hollister, Missouri. The theme for this session is Peter Pan Jr. with classes on Monday thru Friday, 8:00am -12:00pm from June 28 thru July 14). There will also be a mandatory parent/student meeting on Friday, June 25th from 6:00pm – 7:00pm (at the Historic Owen Theatre).

[fac_icon icon=”star”] No auditions or previous experience required to register!

[fac_icon icon=”star”] This would be a great Christmas Gift for your child or grandchild!

The students will learn acting, dancing, singing, and stage movement culminating in a magnificent stage production of Peter Pan Jr. with six public performances on the outdoor pavilion stage at Chad A Fuqua Memorial Park in Hollister, Missouri on July 15-18, 2021.

The BRAC Summer Institute Staff includes: Kim Hale (Director of Education), Lisa Murphy (Education Advisor), Jacob Estes (Director), Jake Deck (Director), Karie Dykeman (Educational Administrator), Delyla Uebel (Music Director), Jonathan Crum (Costumer), Pamela Meadows (Lighting Designer), Mac Hill (Technical Director), Jim Barber (BRAC Executive Director), and many more to be announced later.

“All you need is Faith, Trust, and a little Pixie Dust.”
– Peter Pan

IMPORTANT NOTE: After you pay your tuition, please download the Parent/Student Packet from the link in your receipt which you should receive in an email immediately after the transaction.

PREFER TO PAY BY CHECK OR CASH? Please contact us at 417-336-4255 or for further instructions.

12 ways to support the Arts without spending a dime

The Branson Regional Arts Council is thankful for our donors, theatre patrons, students, educators, and volunteers! Without your participation and assistance we wouldn’t be able to provide the quality of community arts education and theatrical events that we have hosted each year.  2020 has been an especially difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, yet we have managed to keep our organization running on a shoestring budget, while continuing to provide online arts education classes and a few live theatrical productions.

We look forward to a better year in 2021, but in the meantime, we must extend our hand and ask for your extra support in order to get through this unusual time. Of course, the best way to assist us financially is to become an active member of the Branson Regional Arts Council (as little as $20/year), Buy-A-Seat in the Historic Owen Theatre ($500 donation), or to make a tax deductible donation of any amount for your year-end giving.

However, we completely understand that most of you are also feeling the financial effects of the pandemic, so we wanted to share twelve ways you can truly make a difference in supporting the efforts of the Branson Regional Arts Council without having to contribute a single dime!

We hope that you will find it in your heart to do one or more of these simple, but powerful tasks that will help us spread the news of what we are providing to all residents of our area communities!

01 – [fac_icon icon=”facebook-official”] CREATE A FACEBOOK FUNDRAISER FOR BRAC

You can easily start your own facebook fundraiser to support BRAC at:

02 – [fac_icon icon=”envelope”] SUBSCRIBE TO OUR ARTS NEWS E-MAIL LIST

No Spam! Just Fresh Arts News occasionally delivered to your mailbox! Sign up at:

03 – [fac_icon icon=”heart”] SIGN UP TO BE A HELPING VOLUNTEER AT BRAC

Interested in helping us in a variety of ways as a BRAC Volunteer? Sign up at:

04 – [fac_icon icon=”facebook-official”] LIKE AND FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK

Please visit both of our official facebook pages… Branson Regional Arts Council and Historic Owen Theatre

05 – [fac_icon icon=”instagram”] LIKE AND FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM

Please visit our official Instagram page… Branson Regional Arts Council 

06 – [fac_icon icon=”twitter”] FOLLOW US AND SHARE ON TWITTER

Please visit our official Twitter pages… @BransonArts and @OwenTheatreArts 

07 – [fac_icon icon=”youtube”] SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Please subscribe to our official YouTube Video Channel… Branson Regional Arts Council YouTube Channel

08 – [fac_icon icon=”file-image-o”] BECOME A PROMOTIONAL POSTER PARTNER

Would you hang our theatre show posters in your business window or lobby? Let us know…BRAC Poster Partnership

09 – [fac_icon icon=”share-alt”] SHARE OUR POSTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Please share our website articles and social media posts to your own social network of friends!

10 – [fac_icon icon=”truck”] HELP US MOVE SCENE PROPS IN YOUR TRUCK

Do you own a truck or trailer? We always need assistance in moving theatrical scenery to and from our warehouse!

11 – [fac_icon icon=”tripadvisor”] SUBMIT A REVIEW OF OUR PRODUCTIONS

Tell the world what you thought of our musicals or plays on TripAdvisor or Google!

12 – [fac_icon icon=”commenting”] TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT WHAT WE ARE DOING

Word of mouth is the best promotion we could ask for! Let your friends and family know of the outstanding theatre arts education programs available both online and in-person at the Historic Owen Theatre. We offer Arts Education Classes for both youth and adults in acting, voice lessons, dance, piano, watercolor painting, charcoal drawing, and much more.  We offer a Conservatory of the Arts Program with several new workshops in Musical Theatre Auditions and more! Our Staccato Show Choir is a fantastic way for young performers to learn from excellent instructors as well as have the opportunity to perform at a number of area events to appreciative audiences throughout the year. Our Summer Youth Institute provides an unforgettable three week opportunity for young actors to build their self esteem and performing abilities, culminating with standing ovations as they perform an amazing broadway style junior musical for sold out audiences. Our professional level Community Theatre Series of Musicals and Plays is keeping the tradition of Tri-Lakes Community Theatre alive and well for generations to come at the Historic Owen Theatre. Once you’ve attended one of our productions, you’ll want to purchase a full season pass! Finally, don’t forget to let your friends know about the many talented local area artists that we feature at the Branson Convention Center Art Exhibition, the Artist Wall at Chateau on the Lake Hotel, and the Rock Room Art Gallery inside the Historic Owen Theatre in Downtown Branson.


If you could do any or all of the above twelve suggestions, you will be doing a great service by helping us continue and promote our mission of providing arts opportunities to everyone in our community. Thank you and many Blessings to you and yours this holiday season from everyone at the Branson Regional Arts Council.

The Branson Regional Arts Council is offering a new online Musical Theatre Audition Master Class!

The first session of classes begin December 7th and are designed for adult students age 18 and up.

The second session of classes begin January 9th and are designed for youth students between the ages of 12 – 18.


Need help preparing for your next audition? Do you need new music cuts? New monoloque material? Do you want feedback on your current audition package? Are you curious how to prepare music, resumes, and outfits? If your answer is yes, then join BRAC instructors Justin Ables and Traven Harrington for our brand new Musical Theatre Audition Master Class!

In this new masterclass series, we will be delving into audition technique for auditioning in musical theatre. Each participant will be given coaching time to develop new song and monologue cuts to help prepare them for any auditions coming up in 2021. Instructors will be on hand to coach in both areas of acting and singing as well as give recommendations for monologue and songs for students.

We hope you will join us in the new series where we strive to prepare our students to nail their next audition!

This class will be held in (2) 2-hour sessions, for ages 18 and older.
Dates and Times: (2) Mondays: December 7 & 14, 2020
Times: 6:30PM – 8:30PM Central Standard Time (2 hours)
Location: Online via Zoom Video (links provided at registration)

Registration Info:
Cost per student (includes both weeks): $50.00
Students may register via credit card, or personal check (made payable to BRAC).
Class sizes are limited to 18-20 students per class.


Meet Instructor Justin Ables

Justin is excited to be working with Traven to teach this new Musical Theatre Audition Master Class. A native to Baltimore, Maryland, Justin holds a BFA in Musical Theatre from Coastal Carolina University in Conway, SC and has been performing professionally for 10 years. Over the last six years, Justin has been working as a performer for Sight and Sound Theatres here in Branson. Some shows you may have seen him in are Noah, Samson, Miracle of Christmas, Moses, and Jonah. Some of his favorite regional credits include: Fiddler on the Roof (Tevye), Jesus Christ Superstar (King Herod), The Three Musketeers (Porthos), Lil’ Abner (Marryin’ Sam), Bigfoot and Other Lost Souls (Donny McGreggor), The Reluctant Dragon (Dragon/LeadPuppeteer), The Sword in the Stone (Merlin), The Music Man (Ensemble/Marcellus u.s), Les Miserables (Fueilly/The Foreman/Brujon), Legally Blonde (Kiki/Dewey/Ensemle), and The Who’s Tommy (The Specialist/The Harmonica Player). Justin also serves as the Artistic Advisor for BRAC as well as one of the Mainstage Directors for the theatre. For BRAC, he has directed The Diary of Anne Frank, Into the Woods, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet.​

Meet instructor Traven Harrington

​​​Traven A. Harrington, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. While there, he studied in the voice studio of Dr. Jeff Price. Currently, he is under the vocal tutelage of Dr. Alissa Deeter! Throughout his life, Traven has had a number of opportunities to perform a number of styles of vocal music. From gospel, rhythm& blues, pop to jazz, he has been afforded with these life appointments that have helped set him up for this opportunity. He has trained in the classical/operatic realm, as well as the musical theatre world! Having performed in a number of productions and studied for a number of years, it is his belief that singing is a full body experience, and he absolutely loves every moment and every opportunity he is able to engage in doing just that! You may have seen him in “Into the Woods” in 2019, as The Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince or at “Villa Vista” in the Showstoppers Cabaret. Traven absolutely loves being able to help others make vocal discoveries and achieve their musical goals! It is a passion of his to see others grow into the best musicians that they can be. With application, practice, and direction, he is looking forward to helping those who want it! “Let’s work! Let’s sing!” Be it Musical Theatre or classical or another genre, he is absolutely excited and grateful for this opportunity and looking forward to working with you!​

Youth Musical Theatre Audition Master Class is the Branson Regional Arts Council’s new online conservatory series focusing on auditions for students ages 12-18!

These classes offer the same training as the class described above, however it is specially tailored to youth performers!

*instructors subject to change

This class will be held in (2) 2-hour sessions, for ages 12 to 18.

Dates and Times:
2 Saturdays: Jan 9 & 16, 2021
Times: 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Central Standard Time (2 hours)
Location: Online via Zoom Video (links provided at registration)

Registration Info:
Total cost per student: $50 (includes both 2-hour classes)
Students may register via credit card, or personal check (made payable to BRAC). 
Class sizes are limited to 18-20 students per class.


[fac_icon icon=”star”] Scholarship opportunities for youth residents of Branson, Missouri (please inquire at

The Branson Regional Arts Council is offering families everywhere a unique opportunity to watch an online presentation of a previously recorded live Holiday theatrical production called Yes Virginia – The Musical.

Yes Virginia The Musical is the heartwarming story of a little girl who taught the world to believe. Share this Holiday message of hope with your family!

On Dec 12, 2015, Tri-Lakes Community Theatre presented the musical at the Branson Star Theatre with a cast of 28 young performers. Now that the  TLC organization has merged into the Branson Regional Arts Council, it is being offered as a 2020 Holiday Season fundraising event in leu of a live stage production during this year’s pandemic at

Music is by Wesley Whatley, with Book and Lyrics by William Schermerhorn. This stage production was adapted from the animated special and storybook by Chris Plehal by Macy’s Department Stores, who then, made it available to schools and community theatres across the nation, royalty-free.

Access to watch the streaming video is available for a $3.00 (or more) donation. The musical will be available for personal viewing through Dec. 31, 2020.


The musical tells the story behind the story of one of the world’s most famous letters to the editor. In 1897, an 8-year-old girl named Virginia O’Hanlon wrote to the editors of The New York Sun, asking whether Santa Claus was real. The unsigned editorial printed in the Sept. 21 edition of the Sun has become one of the most reprinted editorials in history. Using prose-filled, positive philosophy and bold belief, the editorial writer affirmed the existence of the jolly old elf and how he can be seen in the love and generosity that exists during the holidays.

Yes Virginia cast members include: Jordan Kendrick (Virginia), Savannah Jewsbury (Miriam the Librarian), Brynleigh Hill (Ollie), Hayley Jewsbury (Scraggly Santa), Clara Gaut (Ms. Church), Jessica Barber (Charlotte), Anna Cardwell (Miss Whiskers), Alexis Fischer (Mary), Sophie McAdara (Gary), Danilyn Fox (Newsie/Chorus), Chaselyn Evans (Newsie/Chorus), Makenzie Evans (Newsie/Chorus), Courtney Poe (Newsie/Chorus), Derek Brown (Jolly Gentleman/Chorus), Kyleigh Evans (Russian Santa/Chorus), Morgan Brown (Swedish Santa/Chorus), Jamie Sill-Enno (Talin Santa/Chorus), Abigail A Skeen (French Santa/Chorus), Rachel Essary (Hawaiian Santa/Chorus), Ryan Cardwell (English Santa/Chorus), MacKenzie Evans (Dutch Santa/Chorus), Kayleigh Boss (Santa’s Kid/Chorus), Madelyn Middleton (Santa’s Kid/Chorus), Emrie Straka (Santa’s Kid/Chorus), Abbaney Holmes (Santa’s Kid/Chorus), Eden Burgess (Santa’s Kid/Chorus), Makayla Rich (Mother/Chorus), Caitlyn Holmes (Nanny/Chorus).

Yes Virginia production crew include: Kyle Bradley & Kellsey Bradley (Directors), Kimberly Hale & Lisa Murphy (Producers), Lindsey Howerton (Stage Manager), Dillion Mincey (Lighting Designer), Buster Prine (Sound Designer), Silas Engstrom (Graphic Designer), Lisa Murphy (Marketing), Kimberly Hale, Stephanie Groff, Karissa Fox (Costumes), Devan Spady, Lukus Dement, Nathaniel Finck, Melanie Block (Stage Crew), Louis Allen, Master Set Designer (Set Design), Marshall Meadows (Photography), Charyl E. Philipian, Lorie Best, Georgina Holiday, Mike Groff, Arthur Hale, KJ Soyland, Lisa Murphy, Melanie Block, Cory Block, Lori Best, Hayden Head, Sue Head, Lance Wallace, Becky Enno (Workshop Elves), Jim Barber (Video Production/Editing).

Special thanks to: Josh & Amy Hill, Josh Clark, New Beginnings Fellowship, Ronnie Page, Buster Prine, Jim & Jessica Barber, Louis Allen, Multiprinting, KOLR-10 TV, Hometown Radio.

TLC dedicated this production and the 2015 season to the loving memory of two of our beloved TLC family members… Clay Cantwell and Diane W. Barber.

Online Charcoal Drawing Classes for Pet Lovers This November!

Event: Drawing Animals With Charcoal – Online Art Classes
Venue: Zoom Live Online Video
Dates & Time: Nov 17, 24, Dec 1, 8, 2020 : 6:00-7:00 pm
4 Week Class meets for 1 hour on Tuesdays via Zoom
Art Instructor: Jessica Lowe


This is a 4 week charcoal drawing class for teens and adults. Learn classic charcoal drawing techniques and create your own pet portrait with the guidance of a local artist, Jessica Lowe. Materials should be purchased prior to the first class. Come to experiment, have fun, and develop a new artistic skill!

WATCH a short demo video of the course below. Your class will be LIVE over 4 WEEKS.

$40 registration fee covers all instruction over the 4 weeks of classes. Click here to register, class size is limited!


NOTE: Students must provide their own materials in advance (see list below). Materials may be purchased at most art supply stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michael’s Craft Store, or via (Approx. $33 + shipping) at this link:

Materials Required (Students Must Provide)

  • Generals Charcoal Kit #15: (white charcoal pencil, five black charcoal pencils, two black charcoal sticks, a white charcoal stick, a black wide charcoal stick, a carbon sketch pencil, a kneaded eraser and a sharpener)
  • Toned Grey Paper 9×12
  • Paper Blending Stumps (varied pack)
  • Standard Eraser
  • Masking or Blue Painters Tape
    Optional Supplies
  • Matte or Workable Fixative
  • Fluffy medium sized paintbrush

Jessica Lowe is a Missouri based artist. She works with a variety of media and creates artworks that focus on nature and portraiture. Jessica was born in Wichita, KS and moved to Missouri at the age of 10. At age 13 she began her formal training as an artist, working under local veteran artist Sam Hull for 2.5 years. Graduating from Branson High School, she went on to continue her education at Missouri State University, gaining her BSED in Fine Art in 2015. She taught High School Art for 4 years at Forsyth High School before deciding to pursue life as an artist-full-time. She is currently working as a free lance commissioned artist creating pieces for patrons, as well as developing her own work.