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Call-Back Auditions For The Sound of Music Announced

Call Backs for The Sound of Music Have Been Announced.

A huge thank you to all who auditioned!

Here are the people we will need to see on Thursday (Aug 19th).

Please note that if you are not seeing your name on the list that does not mean you weren’t cast! Make sure you check the cast list when it goes up. Thanks so much! – BRAC

Please arrive at 6:30 pm (Historic Owen Theatre):

  • Charis Boulden
  • Julie Brinkman
  • Korey Brown
  • Lee Brown
  • Trisha Bush
  • Emma Chandler
  • Kylee Chandler
  • Jacob Deck
  • Sophie Douglas
  • Renee Elkady
  • Jael Frost
  • Jen Frost
  • Pace Gillman
  • Hayden Gish
  • Liam Hill
  • Mindy Law
  • Lundyn Mitchell
  • Loran Polson
  • Emma Puerta
  • Amy Sorenson
  • Judy Starrett
  • Johanna Thornsberry
  • Talya Tinoco
  • AJ Turner
  • Savannah Turner
  • Zoey Viola
  • Esther Weicht
  • Abby Wheeler

Please arrive at 7:30 pm (Historic Owen Theatre):

  • Michelle Baker
  • Jerrod Cate
  • Michael Franklin
  • Beth Lambeth
  • Valerie Mosher
  • Dylan Pratt
  • Randy Simmon

We are excited for this amazing production!