Kyle Blanchard Joins BRAC as Theatre and Special Events Manager

The Branson Regional Arts Council is excited to announce the addition of a new full-time staff member, Kyle Blanchard, who will serve as the organizations Theatre and Special Events Manager.

Kyle Blanchard – BRAC Theatre & Special Events Manager

Kyle will work in coordination with Jim Barber (BRAC Executive Director) and Karie Dykeman (Administrative Assistant/Box Office Manager) and will primarily focus his efforts on maintenance and operational needs of the Historic Owen Theatre as well as collaborating with staff and theatre production teams to plan and execute monthly special events for fundraising and community outreach.

Kyle has served on the BRAC Board of Directors since March 2022 and will continue to serve out his 2 year term on the board for an additional year while starting his new staff role.

Kyle’s passion for theatre began in middle school in Virginia where he soaked in as much knowledge as possible from local arts education programs. By his senior year of high school Kyle raised money to buy the rights for Clue The Musical, rented a theatre, then bravely produced and directed the full-length production with a team of his peers.
In 2013 he graduated from Liberty University with Bachelors of Arts degrees in Theatre Performance & Production. Since then, he has been performing and directing professionally all around the country; some of his favorite experiences include being in a touring illusionist’s show, playing Tarzan, and getting to perform with exotic animals at a very large Branson theatre that tells bible stories on an epic scale.
Kyle’s enthusiasm for artistic expression and his drive to inspire others continues to grow and he is ready to give back to the local arts & education community in the Branson area.
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