Excitement is high as the Branson Regional Arts Council’s 2019 Summer Youth Institute production of Shrek the Musical Jr. opens for 6 hilarious performances at the Historic Owen Theatre.

Performances run June 6-9 at the Historic Owen Theatre in Downtown Branson. Advance reserved tickets are recommended and available online at BransonArts.org/tix or by calling the box office at 417-336-4255. Adult (18+) tickets are $16.95, and Youth (4-17) are $11.45.


“Enrollments for this summer’s Institute were through the roof, so we recruited additional teaching and directing staff to make this our BIGGEST and BEST Youth Troupe production yet,” said BRAC Executive Director Jim Barber.

71 students are enrolled for this production. In order to allow this many students to participate while presenting the best performance possible, the producers and directors decided to divide them into two separate casts, the Hansel Cast and the Gretel Cast. Each cast will perform 3 shows, and the individual cast members are all listed below.

“My favorite thing about this program is how it acts as a family, and everyone works together. We all learn from each other, and it’s a really fun experience getting to work with so many great kids! Come see it because it’s action packed and the music is very catchy!”
Dani Groff (Fiona – Hansel Cast)

“This production is so special because it’s made up of a whole bunch of students from all over the region, coming together to create a really fun show.  I love that we can hang out and create a bond we never thought we’d have. Come see it because your kids are in it!”
Joey Blackwood (Shrek – Hansel Cast)

I live in Springfield and I enjoy this program because I get to learn so much and be challenged each and every day to become a better actor, singer, dancer and overall person, thanks to the BRAC! Come see it because it’s Shrek!!!!”
Renee’ Elkady (Fiona – Gretel Cast)

My favorite song is called Make A Move, because the characters all start to bond after quarreling up until that point.  They discover their similarities and it becomes a very good moment! Also, there is a lot of funny (but slightly crude) humor at the end with “gas” and other things… you’ll have to just come see it to find out!”
Wesley Brown (Shrek – Gretel Cast)

The “Hansel” cast performs: Friday, June 7th (7pm), Saturday, June 8th (7pm), and Sunday, June 9th (2pm).

Hansel Cast Members include: Joey Blackwood (Shrek), Dani Groff (Fiona), Millie Jo Stauffer (Young Fiona), Sydney Patrick (Teen Fiona),  Carter Hendrickson (Lord Farquaad), Nathanel Bond (Donkey), Emma Hesemann (Dragon), Lola Zobel (Mama Ogre), Xander Greenamyer (Little Ogre), Wesley Brown (Papa Ogre), Sophie Douglas (Pinocchio), Lauren Tiefry (Little Pig 1 / Blind Mice 1), Eden Burgess (Little Pig 2 / Blind Mice 2), Emma Melton (Little Pig 3 / Blind Mice 3), Sylvie Barbour (Ugly Duckling), Arthur Selzer (Papa Bear), Sydney Pride (Mama Bear), Josslynn Silvy (Baby Bear), Kylee Moody (Wicked Witch), Liam Leven (Big Bad Wolf), Addison Patrick (Gingy), Pace Gillman (Peter Pan), Uriah Guevel (Captain Of The Guard), Hoyt Gubin (Dwarf), Chelsey Qualkenbush (Story Teller 1), Jackson Guffey (Story Teller 2), Aubrey Melton (Story Teller 3), Sailor Tillis (Puss In Boots), Mia Johnson (Pied Piper), Ashleigh Williams (Bishop), Jude Barbour (Knight), Hallie Groff (Goldie Locks), Madeline Cox (White Rabbit), Cassie Greenamyer (Elf), Haley Guffey (Fairy Godmother), Addison Russell (Humpty Dumpty), Sydney Rickman (Sugar Plum Fairy), Sophie Douglas, Sydney Patrick, Sylvie Barbour and Addison Patrick (Dungeon Knights), Sophie Douglas, Pace Gilman, Hallie Groff, Mia Johnson, Sydney Pride, Addison Patrick and Sydney Patrick (Duloc Dancers), Sophie Douglas, Pace Gillman, Hallie Groff, Emma Melton, Aubrey Melton and Ashleigh Williams (Rat Tappers).

The “Gretel” cast performs: Thursday, June 6th (7pm), Saturday, June 8th (2pm), Sunday, June 9th (7pm).

Gretel Cast Members include: Wesley Brown (Shrek), Renee’ Elkady (Fiona), Charlee Mitchell (Young Fiona), Bekah Williams (Teen Fiona),  Cole Hill (Lord Farquaad), Jake Musser (Donkey), Liya Rivere (Dragon), Johanna Luthardt (Mama Ogre), Lee Brown (Little Ogre), Joey Blackwood (Papa Ogre), Grace Clark  (Pinocchio), Kylee Chandler (Little Pig 1 / Blind Mice 1), Charlee Roberts (Little Pig 2 / Blind Mice 2), Madison Lundeen (Little Pig 3 / Blind Mice 3), Jael Frost (Ugly Duckling), Morgan Brown (Papa Bear), Sydney Pride (Mama Bear), Lundyn Mitchell (Baby Bear), Lara Elkady (Wicked Witch), Cameron Morrison (Big Bad Wolf), Alexis Fischer (Gingy), Ashley Rodgers (Peter Pan), Liam Hill (Captain Of The Guard), Tyler Tees-Webster (Dwarf), Molly Jones (Story Teller 1), Korey Brown (Story Teller 2), Gigi McAdara (Story Teller 3), Halle Horn (Puss In Boots), Megan Rodgers (Pied Piper), Savannah Turner (Bishop), Colin McAdara (Knight), Anastacia Petri (Goldie Locks), Elyse Smith (White Rabbit), Gianna Daniels (Elf), Emma Hess (Fairy Godmother), Taylor Miller (Humpty Dumpty), Loughlynn Murphy (Sugar Plum Fairy), Jael Frost, Sydney Pride, Alexis Fischer, Beckah Williams (Dungeon Knights), Kylee Chandler, Grace Clark, Alexis Fischer, Ashley Rodgers, Megan Rodgers, Madison Lundeen, Sydney Pride and Savannah Turner (Duloc Dancers), Grace Clark, Ashley Rodgers, Liya Rivere and Savannah Turner (Rat Tappers).

The education staff and production team members include: Kim Hale, Lisa Murphy, Karie Dykeman (Producers), Melissa Rivera, Kyle Bradley, Jacob Estes, Kristen Dasto (Directors), Jake Deck (Assistant Director), Kellsey Bradley, Mesa Mitchell (Education Specialists), Kristen Dasto (Choreographer), Jake Deck (Assistant Choreographer), Nicole Dasto (Assistant Stage Manager), Melissa Rivera (Music Director), Pamela Meadows (Lighting Design), Mac Hill (Audio Director), Jonathan Crum (Costume Designer), Kim Hale, Melody Snyder (Costumers), Heather Douglas (Makeup), Jacob Estes (Hair and Wigs), Roz Slavik (Props), Jacob Estes, Jake Deck (Set Design), Jacob Estes, Jake Deck, Art Hale, Kim Hale, Kyle Bradley (Set Construction), Velvet Case (Photographer), and Jim Barber (BRAC Executive Director – Marketing and Design).

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