The Reviews Are In… Molière’s Learned Ladies Is A Fun, Refreshing, Innovative Play

The reviews are in for the Branson Regional Arts Council production of The Learned Ladies, and the consensus is that this show is refreshingly FRESH!

The Learned Ladies is a hilarious adaptation of the 1700’s french comedy by Molière that is translated and adapted by Freyda ThomasThis show provides a unique opportunity for the company to update a timeless classic for a 21st century audience. The production is Directed by Jeremiah Reeve with Assistant Director David Hewitt and Stage Manager Dimitri Tsahiridis.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself the entire time, and I’m pretty sure a smile never left my face!! The references, the humor, the costumes, the wigs, the set, the set decorations… the TALENT!! I adored every second of this brilliantly directed show! Even if you’ve never even heard of the show before [I had not] you will enjoy yourself!! Go and see it before you miss your chance!

Sean Neal M.

It may be a literary classic, but some things do change.  The language of this production has been updated for a modern audience.  The set and costumes point to different eras, and there will be things that the audience never expects to see in a traditional, historical piece. For that matter, the director promises elements that even Molière himself, may not have imagined. However, over everything else, the comedy has not changed.  “Sometimes, the only way to face the truth is to laugh your way through it,” says director Reeve,  “and today’s story is that kind of story.  A comedy that is funny because you see your world (and maybe a little of yourself) in it.  Whether you enjoy change or not, I hope the humor of this timeless story makes you glad you came.”

The Learned Ladies was a fun innovative play with modern music added in to enhance the scenes. A great ensemble cast. Don’t be afraid fo Moliere’s play. Get out and see this troup.

Adelle G.

The cast of The Learned Ladies includes: Abby Reeve (Belise),  Anna Brayman (Henriette),   Dorothie Goode Deornehis (Armande), Joshua McGeough (Lycandre), Claire Denton (Arista), Loran Polson (Martine),  Kyle Denton (Chrysale),  Mindy Law (Philamente), Wyatt Jacobsmeyer (Trissotin), Rachel Sager (Vadius / Emelie), Christian Anthony (Judge) and Brittony Tiger (Amelie).

Very well done! I appreciated the blending of periods and how it displayed the human condition, and how it changes little. Actors were flawless and presented the lines well in the couplets, without appearing mechanical. It is refreshing to see that community theatre can do more than musicals.

– Jeff R.


Final Performance Dates of The Learned Ladies are Friday, March 22 (7pm), Saturday, March 23 (7pm) and Sunday, March 24 (2pm).

Advance Reserved Tickets are on sale now at BransonArts.org/tix or by calling the Historic Owen Theatre Box Office at 417-336-4255.

Photo by Marshall Meadows

Molière, born Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, was an actor, playwright and director who became one of France’s best-known writers for his work that ranged from simple farces to sophisticated satires. He was born in Paris on January 15, 1622. He was educated at the College de Clermont, a Jesuit institution, and received a law degree in 1642 from the University of Orleans. His father was a member of the bourgeoisie who purchased the title of Court Upholsterer. Moliere would have inherited his father’s title, but the theatre captured his imagination from an early age. While Moliere was regarded as the greatest French comedic writer and by many as the greatest of all French writers; he reestablished comedy to a place of honor in his time.