Nunsense The Mega Musical May Be Habit Forming

RATED PG | Parental Guidance

The Branson Regional Arts Council presents a comedy musical, so hilarious… it would be a sin to miss it!

Nunsense, is a popular musical revolving around eight nuns, one Revered Mother and one Father. These however, are not your normal nuns, but self-proclaimed “fun nuns,” who are faced with financial issues after losing 52 of their fellow sisters to food poisoning caused by the infamous Sister, Julia Child of God.

The musical is portrayed as a “fundraiser” towards the audience, as they attempt to raise the money they need to bury the remaining four nuns, who are currently being kept in the freezer of the Mount Saint Helen’s Catholic Middle School in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The BRAC version of this comedy is super-sized to present a mega-musical extravaganza!

The production, directed by Jeremiah Reeve, will run for eight performances at the Historic Owen Theatre in downtown Branson from May 11 – 21, 2023 on Thursdays (7pm), Fridays (7pm), Saturdays (7pm), and Sundays (2pm). Advance reserved tickets are on-sale now at BransonArts.org/tix or by calling the box office at 417-336-4255.

The cast includes Claire Denton (Reverend Mother Mary Regina),  Loran Polson (Sister Mary Hubert), Kellsey Bradley (Sister Robert Anne),  Jennifer Buttell (Sister Mary Amnesia),  Madison Hewitt (Sister Mary Leo), Abby Reeve (Sister Julia, Child of God),  Kyle Bradley (Brother Brendan),  Mindy Law (Sister Mary Luke), Christina Schanda (Sister Mary Wilhelm), Jimmy Bratz (Father Virgil), Beth Lambeth (Sister Mary Timothy) and Kyle Denton (Father Patrick). The Singing/Dancing Sisters of Hoboken include: Kayleigh Dominish, Emily Hanner, Madison Hatfield, Peyton Seymore, Amy Lynne Sorenson, Jenny Steelman, Brittony Tiger and Sarah Williams.

The production team includes Karie Dykeman and Kim Hale (Producers), Kristine Brown (Assistant Producer), Jeremiah Reeve (Director), Kyle Denton (Music Director), Heather Stolfa (Choreographer), Brooke Sams (Stage Manage), Dimitri Tsahiridis (Assistant Stage Manager),  Pamela Meadows (Lighting Design), Myles Stevens (Sound Technician), Kyle Blanchard (Theatre & Special Events Manager), Lorie Best (Volunteer Coordinator), Josh Silvy (Theatre Inventory), Marshall Meadows (Photography), and Jim Barber (BRAC Executive Director, Marketing and Design).

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