UPDATE: We were informed that all volunteer positions for this event have been filled. Thanks to all who applied.

This is a casting notice of sorts for area makeup artists and actors of all ages. 

Imagine if you were cast as an extra on a new blockbuster film. Your big scene includes a major plane crash. Now imagine that that scene actually takes place in your own backyard at the Branson Airport. Well, this isn’t a Hollywood film, but it is a very important emergency drill that could potentially save lives in the event of an actual plane crash emergency.

The Branson Airport is seeking 100 volunteers to play the role of “victims” in a simulated large aircraft crash. The full-scale emergency exercise is planned for April 17, 2021 from 7:30am until 1pm. Interested participants are asked to contact the Branson Regional Arts Council at edu@bransonarts.org right away to “book your flight” aboard this exciting and beneficial drill for the safety of our community. Please include your full name and contact information in your email request.

“This exercise will be a full deployment of all of the mutual aid, fire, ems in the area. We are especially in need of makeup artists and actors to participate. Makeup artists will assist in applying stage makeup and special effects to create realistic looking wounds on the actors.” – Jesse Fosnaugh, Deputy Director; Operations & Maintenance – Branson Airport

Please share this information with anyone you think might be interested in assisting! Thank you in advance for your participation in this safe, but exciting simulated emergency event.

Please let us know if you are interested right away so we can “reserve your seat”! 

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