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Auditions for The SpongeBob Musical Announced

The Branson Regional Arts Council announces open auditions for its 2024 season opening production of The SpongeBob Musical!

Directed by Kyle Bradley, the auditions will be held at the Historic Owen Theatre (205 S. Commercial St., Branson, MO 65616) on Tuesday, December 5th 2023 from 5pm – 8pm. 

  • Auditions are open to performers ages 8 and up. (limited children’s roles available). 
  • Main Cast and Featured Ensemble roles ages 16 and up. 

WHAT TO BRING: Those auditioning are asked to bring: A music cut, no longer than a minute, in the style of the show. Songs from the show are acceptable and are even preferred if you’re auditioning for a specific role. Bring your own music tracks on phone or player to connect to sound board (no accompanist provided) 

Auditionees are free to leave after their vocal audition. 

Callbacks and Dance Call Audition will take place Wednesday Dec. 6th. (See information below) 

If you have any questions, please call 417-336-4255 or edu@bransonarts.org

Anticipated Rehearsal Schedule linked here: Rehearsal Schedule – SpongeBob BRAC

Performance Dates: February 8th-25th, 2023 – Thu (7pm), Fri (7pm), Sat (2pm & 7pm), Sun (2pm) 

Dance Call Auditions: Wednesday December 6th – 6:00-7:00pm

  • All those auditioning are called to return to the Owen Theatre to learn and perform a dance combination. Come dressed and ready to move. 

Callback Auditions: Wednesday December 6th – 7:00-10:00pm

  • Those asked to remain will stay after the dance call to complete singing and reading for specific characters from the show for a callback audition (you will be contacted individually if you are needed at callbacks)

Video Submissions: Accepting video submissions until Tuesday December 5th at 9pm. Those unable to attend initial auditions can send in a video submission (One minute cut of a music theatre song or song from the show) with head shot, resume, and dance reel (if applicable). Please also list any conflicts with rehearsals or shows throughout the process (see linked rehearsal schedule for dates/times).

  • Email video submissions to director Kyle Bradley at kylebradley8913@gmail.com


SpongeBob SquarePants (Tenor): optimistic, innocent, and boyish; energetic and sometimes hyperactive. This performer should have the ability to move well and be physically agile. Naturally funny with great comedic skills and precision. Strong pop tenor vocals. 

Patrick Star (Tenor): Well-intentioned but lacking common sense or skills; kind and somewhat clueless, an innocent; a big softie, who can also be prone to sudden child-like fits of rage or frustration 

Sandy Cheeks (Female, Lead, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto): A brainy and athletic Texan squirrel who came to Bikini Bottom for a research project. She acts as SpongeBob’s most trusted ally on their quest to stop the volcano from erupting, using her vast amount of scientific knowledge and brilliant inventions to aid the mission. 

Squidward Q. Tentacles (Tenor, G# belt) Grumpy, cynical, dry, short- tempered, generally negative but lovable! This Actor must move well and TAP dancing skills are a plus. 

Sheldon Plankton (Male, Lead, Tenor): His personality outweighs his size- slick, scheming, nefarious; has the ability to charm; determined, he will do anything to get ahead in life; very greedy, but his heart is still open enough to rekindle a romance with his wife. This character will need to dance and rap skills a plus. 

Karen the Computer (Female; Supporting; Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano): Glamorous, a robotic housewife of Plankton. She’s been there for Plankton’s every scheme and plot and has become jaded – she’s been there and done that. Strong comic actress, as well as Singer and Mover. 

Pearl Krabs (Female, Supporting, Mezzo-Soprano): Mr. Krabs’ bratty teenage daughter. This is a character role with Gospel vocal overtones. 

Eugene Krabs (Male, Lead, Baritone): The greedy owner of the Krusty Krab, and employer of SpongeBob and Squidward. While everyone is off panicking about Bikini Bottom’s imminent doom, he decides to strike the iron while it’s hot and puts on a huge “apocalypse sale” at his restaurant, exploiting the fear of his fellow fish to make him even richer. 

Patchy the Pirate: Male, Featured, Baritone. Leader of the pirate crew featured song at the top of Act 2. (Potentially doubling in ensemble) 

Electric Skates (Male, Featured, Tenor, Baritone, Bass): Rock and roll band members, the Skates are hard-core, grungy, heavy metals meet World Wrestling. Strong Dancers, ability to do skateboard tricks a plus. Also open to rollerblade or inline skating, with tricks available. 

Featured Roles:

Mayor of Bikini Bottom: Female, Mezzo 

Perch Perkins: Male, Featured, Bass 

French Narrator: Ensemble, Spoken 

Sardines: Ensemble, All Voice Parts 

Security Guards: Ensemble, Spoken 

Old Man Jenkins: Ensemble Baritone/Bass 

Mrs. Puff: Female, Ensemble, Mezzo 

Larry the Lobster: Male, Ensemble 

Ensemble: A variety of character types to play several featured ensemble roles, performers with comedic timing, strong pop/rock or contemporary musical theatre voices, tap and Hip-hop skills and experience a plus! 

The Foley Artist Fish: a staged role that produces all sound effects specified in the script and score using percussion instruments, triggered digital effects, and other creative sound makers. As envisioned by Tina Landau, “The show is meant to be performed with a FOLEY ARTIST FISH playing sound effects live, and within view of the audience, to accompany the stage action. This could include footsteps for SpongeBob and Squidward (as in the Broadway Production), dings for objects appearing, whacks for hits, and so on.”