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Madagascar Jr. Cast List Announced

The Branson Regional Arts Council is excited to announce the cast list for our upcoming productions, Madagascar Jr. and Shakespear’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Congratulations to all who were selected.  Cast list subject to change if actors are unable to accept roles.

Madagascar Jr. Cast List

Alex – Carter Hendrickson

Marty –  Gianna Redding/ Jordan Kendrick

Gloria – Danielle Groff

Melman – Dakota Cooner

Mason the Monkey – Ryan Cardwell

Skipper – Jacob Foreman

Kowalski – Tobias Collins

Rico – Carlie Strong

Private –  Emrie Straka

Zookeeper Zelda– Izzy Hall

Zookeeper Zoe – Alexis Fischer

Zookeeper Zeke – Kevin Williams

Ship’s Captain – Micah Collins


Zoo Guests:

Lee Brown

Ruthana Collins

Cadence Kleeman

Electra Arndt

Charis Myers

Joel Frost



New Yorkers:

Candy Hammernose – Lucy Riley

Camera Woman  – Katie Sundahl

Police Officer #1 – Korey Brown

Police Officer #2 – Morgan Brown

Animal Control Officers –  Anna Cardwell, Sabrina Kulis

Newspaper Man  – Jacob Deeter

Old Lady – Molly McNeil

Passerby – Hallie Horn




Lead Lioness – Bo McHenry                  Olivia Fennell

Ashley Williams                                         Lauren Rantz

Anna Foreman                                            Gemma Redding

Audrey Echols                                            Jordan Kendrick



King Julien – Abigail Sundahl

Maurice – Jacob Deter

Mort – Hallie Groff

Lynn Lemur – Macy Martin

Lee Lemur – Austin Cardwell

Lew Lemur – Morgan Brown

Lars Lemur – Paige Stanford

Lee Brown

Ruthana Collins

Cadence Kleeman

Electra Arndt

Charis Myers

Joel Frost




Head Foosa – Derek Brown


Congratulations to all cast members!!!

We are very excited to have such a great group of students. Please note, the directors will be casting students in multiple (TBA) roles as we begin the rehearsal process.



Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream Production Cast 

Bo McHenry                        Derek Brown

Lucie Riley                          Morgan Brown

Audrey Echols                    Olivia Fennell

Abigail Sudahl                    Jordan Kendrick

Anna Foreman                    Danielle Groff

Jacob Foreman                   Carter Hendrickson

Gianna Reding                    Jacob Deeter

Gemma Reding                   Carlie Strong

Austin Cardwell                 Dakota Cooner